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How To Remove Your Credit Card Details from Xbox Live – Part III

Update 7th Feb 2009:
The saga is over! Microsoft have now given us the option to remove credit card details through See Remove Your Credit Card Details from Xbox Live – ONLINE! for details.

So 30 days have now passed since I was called by Xbox support. Have they removed my card details as they promised? Err, no they haven’t.

To be honest I didn’t expect them to have either. Maybe they had their hands full dealing with the rather shoddy provision of Xbox Live since Xmas and forgot about my support call?

It has now been 53 days since I first asked Xbox Live support to remove my credit card details. I’m now wondering if they actually are able to remove my card details? At this rate the card will have expired. Very, very poor service Microsoft.

Check out part I and part II of this ongoing saga.

Update 26th Mar 08: They’ve been removed. I can’t believe it. Microsoft have FINALLY done what I asked them to do over 3 and a half months ago. When I examine my LIVE account on my 360 there are no card details at all! Upon reviewing my LIVE account at http:\\ my card details have been flagged as removed (only there for historical purposes) and can’t be used or viewed. About bloody time Microsoft.


Our advice, remove your card details and buy pre-paid cards instead: