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How To Remove Your Credit Card Details from Xbox Live – Part II

Update 7th Feb 2009:
The saga is over! Microsoft have now given us the option to remove credit card details through See Remove Your Credit Card Details from Xbox Live – ONLINE! for details.

In my previous post I outlined how to start the process to get your card details removed from Xbox Live. I say start the process, as following my latest conversion with a Microsoft representative, it’s going to take a little bit longer.

So there I was opening my Christmas presents when my mobile phone rang. It was someone from Xbox Live support about my request. Wow, they’re dedicated! We then had a fairly short conversation, in which I reconfirmed that I wanted my card details removed. They were finally going to carry out my request. However, this will take 30 days from the date of this latest call to remove my card details. In addition, I would never been able to use this credit card on Xbox Live again. Apparently, the “very complicated” process (support person’s words, not mine) to remove card details from the Xbox Live servers means that my card is essentially now blacklisted.

I was a little surprised to be called again following my discussion on the 15th Dec 07. As I’d specifically asked not to be called back and for them just to remove my card details. Ho hum. I guess the message was never typed never got though.

Here’s the time line for my support call(s) so far:

  • 3rd Dec 07 – Raised original support call to remove card details.
  • 4th – 14th Dec 07 – 3 missed calls from Xbox Live support.
  • 15th Dec 07 – Phoned Xbox Live support – 30 days to remove card. Recurring Gold subscription stopped. Given new support call reference.
  • 19th Dec 07 – 1 missed call from Xbox Live support.
  • 25th Dec 07 – Informed that card details will be removed in 30 days, unable to use card again on Xbox Live. Given another new support call reference

With any luck when I post part III it will include the words “my credit card details have finally been removed.” I await this moment with bated breath. Almost….