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E3 2016: PC Gaming Show

E 2016 PC Gaming Show

Dawn of War

Philippe Boulle and Brent Disbrow from Relic Entertainment showed new gameplay footage, including the end-game orbital bombardment controlled by a squad that gets bigger the more damage it does.

Oxygen Not Included

New game from Klei, creators of Don’t Starve.

It’s listed for release on 10th May, 2017 according to Steam. Could be an Early Access launch date.


Jesse Rapczak talked about the upcoming Redwood biome, the platforms you can build in the giant trees and that the grappling hook will be useful. Titanosaurs are also coming at the end of the month. These giant dinosaurs are immune to narcotics so you need to knock them out by whacking them in the head with artillery.

The Primitive+ mod is cool. Or at least, it would be if it wasn’t broken to shit on the Center map right now.

The Primal Survival mod that allows you to play as dinosaurs will also be made official soon.

Giant Cop

SO weird.

Mount & Blade II

There are ballistae and destructible environments now. Each castle has multiple lanes of attack so you can choose how to approach.

The Surge

God knows what this is. Mechs though.

Law Breakers

New trailer of the game from BossKey Studios. First-person team shooter with low-gravity and zero-gravity sections of the map to play around with your movement.


It’s a thing. People get hyped.


It’s the hardware bit. They have three cards coming out that use the Polaris architecture Radeon RX480, RX470 and RX460.

Also, the PC hardware company are developing new CPUs. Yup.

Serious Sam VR

The future is disembodied guns.


Vampyr guy angsted over his lack of emotions when looking at a dead body. Seems like he can dash sideways very fast and exude a cloud of blood that develops hands and breaks people’s spines.

Killing Floor 2 and Incursion

Here’s a trailer for the Bullseye content pack. It’s out now.

Oculus Rift

Killing Floor Incursion is an entirely new Killing Floor game for VR.

SuperHot is coming to Oculus Touch.


Developed by Obsidian, this game asks “What if evil won?”


Developed by Bloober Team, there are factions out there trying to hack people’s dreams and memories. It’s an Eastern European cyberpunk setting. It’s a horror game where you play as a detective and must hack people’s minds to learn their fears.

Arma III Apex

It has new weapons and vehicles and they are supporting the modding community. Just like all the other shooty PC games. Help me, I am losing the will to live and there are three more conferences to go.

Turing Test

It’s a first-person puzzler set on Europa. Pick up objects, rotate them, explore, figure out if there is intelligence on Europa. Can we call these games Portal-likes yet?


Survival Strategy cross-country road trip. Procedurally-generated areas where you need to survive.

Dual Universe

It’s a sci-fi MMO with a seamless fully-editable single-shard universe. Rebuild civilization, build political systems, economies, organisations and more.

They’re emphasising player-created content and hoping that players provide compelling emergent gameplay with the systems they introduce.


They made a video that’s basically a love letter to the mouse and keyboard. I mean, I like a mouse and keyboard. I spent way too much money on my Ducky Shine 3. Oh god, am I the target audience for this video?

Day of Infamy