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E3 2016: Xbox Press Conference

E3 2016 Xbox Gears 4

Gears of War 4

Rod Ferguson announced that every co-op mode in Gears of War 4 will support cross-play across Xbox One and Windows 10. Yup, horde, co-op campaign and co-op multiplayer. Laura Bailey, voice actress co-star of the game played through a gameplay demo featuring the tradition Gears gameplay of hiding behind cover before popping out with a chainsaw bayonet to rip the enemy apart. It looks pretty much like more Gears.

The buzzkill appears to be a new weapon that fires buzzsaw blades that ricochet off walls occasionally for extra hazards. At least, I think it’s new. I stopped playing Gears after 3 and this doesn’t really make me want to play more.

Also, there’s a Gears 4 edition controller.

Killer Instinct

Rukari Austin, Community Manager for Killer Instinct came on stage to tell us how great the KI community is. He announced that General Raam will be coming to Killer Instinct exclusively on Xbox One and Windows 10.

Forza Horizon 3

Cars and Australia. There’s a racing buggy and a trophy truck and a lamborghini and some other cars and stuff. Idk, cars and racing games aren’t my thing. Watch the video.

It’s coming 27th September to Xbox One and Windows 10


I think it’s a platformer? This trailer has loads of style and not a vast amount of great reasons to buy the game. Looks like a nice enough action-platformer though.

Final Fantasy XV

Hajime Tabata and Matthew Kishimoto showed a gameplay demo of The Trial of Titan. I can’t find a decent video of it yet.

FFXV is coming out 30th September 2016.

The Division: Underground

It exists for Xbox One. More at the Ubisoft conference, I presume.

Battlefield 1

They didn’t say anything that we didn’t already hear at the EA conference yesterday, to be honest.

It’s out 21st October 2016.

Xbox One

New features:

  • Background music
  • Language region independence – you can choose your own language no matter where you live
  • Cortana
  • Clubs on Xbox Live – create communities based around your interests
  • Looking for Group – post a little ad to find friends with similar goals
  • Arena – sign up for official online tournaments on your Xbox One


Sax Persson and Lydia Winters announced that Minecraft Realms – dedicated servers – now coming to Xbox One. Play cross platform with Xbox One, Windows, Android and iOS. Also, there are new texture packs for iOS and Android.


From PlayDead, the developers of Limbo, Inside is coming 29th June.

Limbo is now free to all Xbox One players.

id@Xbox montage

Also, if you bought ARK on Xbox One you get it on Windows 10 for free.

We Happy Few

Well, this is fucking creepy dystopia. They’ve not uploaded today’s E3 video yet so here’s last year’s announcement trailer.

Available from 26th June on Xbox Game Preview.


It’s Gwent from The Witcher 3. There’s a single-player campaign. It has new mechanics. Coming to Xbox One and PC.

Register for the beta at

Tekken 7

It exists and has a single-player campaign.

You get free Tekken Tag Tournament 2 if you have Xbox Live Gold.

Dead Rising 4

It’s set at Christmas and it’s coming out at Christmas this year. Frank West hell yeah!


Part of Xbox Play Anywhere, were you can buy a game once and then play it on Xbox One or Windows 10.

We saw a live co-op demo of four players teaming up against a giant monster.

Sea of Thieves

Emotional music over a trailer of static models. Also a gameplay video of screaming people in 3-second snippets of gameplay. Climbing ladders, firing cannons and not being able to see where you’re going thanks to a massive sail blocking your vision.

State of Decay 2

It exists. There are cars and zombies.

Halo Wars 2

Made by 334 Industries with support from Creative Assembly. The game is out 21st February 2017.

There’s an Xbox One multiplayer beta available this week only.

Xbox One S

It’s 40% smaller than the original Xbox One. It also has a smaller wireless controller.

Xbox Design Lab

You can design your own colours for the Xbox One controller and the Xbox Design Lab will make it.

Project Scorpio

It’s a more powerful console. They said 8 CPU cores, 6 teraflops, 4k gaming and hi-fidlity VR a lot. All games and accessories for the Xbox One will be compatible with the Xbox One S and Project Scorpio.