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This Week on TAG: 20th Jan 2013

Snowy Fountain Jubilee Park
It’s been snowing all weekend in London and instead of sledging down hill in Greenwich Park, I’m staying at home in the warm and playing Skyrim. To be fair, I was out on Friday night and had a snowball expertly thrown down my bra by a “friend” so I think I’ve had quite enough. Here’s the run-down of this week’s posts for those of you who feel the same way.


Friday Night Unplugged #10: Edge of The Empire Beginner Game
I’ve played and GM’d a fair amount of RPGs and the most difficult part is always introducing players to the new world, a new ruleset. More often than not this means spending large amounts of time rifling through rule books trying to find the right pages and tables and some preparation beforehand.
Indie Rock: Unravelling CHAOS JAM, a Twine-Only Game Event
You owe it to yourself to take a break from your day, at least for a moment, in order to play CRY$TAL WARRIOR KE$HA. It’s not very long and it’ll change your entire life.

Reviews and Previews

AVerMedia Game Capture HD Review
The menu system is a lovely addition that allows you to browse video and view screenshots on the fly. It’s perfect for checking that you captured what you intended.

DmC: Devil May Cry Review (360)
In the world of DmC, humanity is an endless consumer, brainwashed by the news and adverts, except it isn’t the governments keeping everyone in check. It’s the demons. Led by the menacingly-bald Mundus, the demons have enslaved the world making use of the space between Earth and the other realms.
World Of Tanks: Hands-On with Chinese Tanks
While the new tech tree doesn’t see a return to the days of nations feeling distinct from one another, there are some stand-out tanks that will definitely make their way into competitive rotation. There are a couple of tanks clearly designed to be brilliant scouting tanks for updating the team’s map, a couple of tanks that, while slow, pack an incredible punch and some tanks that are armoured to the teeth, allowing them to act as effective cover for weaker tanks.


Devil May Cry: Dante Has No Penis. I took a close look at Dante’s nude form (for… um… research?)
The Sims 3: Plans for 2013. EA have outlined their plans for The Sims 3 this year, with five new packs on the way.
Disney Infinity: Skylanders meets Little Big Planet. You’ll be able to go into the world of your favourite characters or bring them together in a world of your choosing.
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Demo and Release Dated. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate has finally been given a confirmed release date of 22nd March 2013 in Europe.
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – Video, Demo News and Play It Early. Employing the finest of Shakicams, we see metal-jawed protagonist Raiden being chased through city streets by police cars, shouted at by a man with a moustache and then attacked.
Vote Video Game Music into the Hall of Fame. Last year gamers around the world voted together to get Aerith’s Theme and the music from Skyrim into the Classic FM Hall of Fame Top 300. The campaign starts again.
Dust 514: Open Beta Date Announced. Dust 514, the new free-to-play companion shooter to CCP’s EVE Online will be going into open beta next Tuesday, 22nd January.