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Dust 514: Open Beta Date Announced

Dust 514 - Female Assault Wide
Dust 514, the new free-to-play companion shooter to CCP’s EVE Online will be going into open beta next Tuesday, 22nd January. Linking with the EVE Online Tranquility server, gamers will be able to work with their space-dwelling counterparts to take the war to the planet’s surface.

As a Dust 514 merc, once you’ve secured allies in low-security EVE Online space, you’ll be able to call in Orbital Bombardments, in the form of tactical EMP, laser and hybrid drops. If you’ve not already found yourself on the good side of a corporation, now might be the time to start checking out the EVE Online community.

The beta will be available for download on PS3 from 22nd January. If you want to get a head start, you can buy the Dust 514 Mercenary Pack now to get exclusive weapons and armour, like the “Dragonfly” scout dropsuit and the “Toxin” sub-machine gun. It will also get you $20 worth of in-game currency and you’ll be able to access the closed beta right away.

In additon, anyone who plays a match in the closed beta before 22nd January will get a 100,000 Skill Point bonus to take into the open beta.

Get more info the game from the Dust 514 website.

Dust 514 - Female Assault Dust 514 - Orbital Artillery Assault Dust 514 - Lav Assault