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Killzone 3 Open Beta Connection Problems

Sony released the Open Beta for Killzone 3 on Feb 3rd, which should currently be giving players a taste of the unique Killzone multiplayer experience. Unfortunately, there seem to be a lot of server issues, which have seen large numbers of players simply being unable to connect to the game.

I have personally been unable to connect to the Killzone servers on three of the five occassions that I have tried, since the Beta went live. When firing it up, I will get the ‘connecting’ message, which eventually times out and shows ‘Error 20002’.

It seems that Guerilla Games are aware of this issue, but have not yet been able to resolve it completely. Official posts on the Killzone 3 forum ( have shed some light on what has been happening.

There are quite a few people who are reporting 20002 errors and we are looking into this. We might require a bit of downtime to remedy these issues but please continue to play and report any issues you encounter in the appropriate thread.  – 04/02/11

A new patch for the Beta was rolled out yesterday, but this seems to have made matters worse:

So it looks like that last patch may have caused some issues, sorry about that. For those experiencing connection difficulties and network errors, we are aware of the problems, and are actively working to resolve them. Sadly I can’t give an exact ETA for a fix right now but we will update you as soon as we have more detailed information.

In the meantime botzone should give you plenty of practice for when everything is back online. – 07/02/11

I really hope that Guerilla Games and/or Sony sort this problem out well before the end of the ‘Beta’ period (it is due to run until Feb 15th). As it stands, I can only see this Beta putting some people off buying the full game, as the servers are giving the impression of being unstable at best.

I really do question Sony’s logic in releasing a ‘Beta’ so close to release day, particularly with such a high profile game.  They may well be using this opportunity to fine tune their servers and fix any connection issues, but surely two weeks before release is not the time to be doing that. Most people playing the KZ3 Beta will be expecting to get a feel for the game, and deciding whether or not to lay down their hard earned cash for it. Being able to connect to the flippin’ thing is the very least they will expect.