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Black Tiger – Available Now On Virtual Console

One of my all time favourite games is now available for download on the Nintendo Virtual Console. Released in the arcades in 1987, Black Tiger is a classic 2D action/adventure game. As I may have mentioned before, I first stumbled upon this game in an arcade in Italy (Passo Tonale) whilst on a school ski trip with @TIKIPODltd in 1988. This arcade also contained Rampage and R-Type. It was an amazing place. You even got a little electric shock if you touched the metal ashtray type things to the right of the buttons on the arcade cabinets. I have very happy memories of playing a lot of Black Tiger in that place.

TIKIPODltd also gave me a brilliant Black Tiger mug as a birthday present a few years ago which I use to hold my daily cuppa. It’s a lovely looking mug :-)

Time to go and immerse yourself in a bit of gaming history and check out Black Tiger.

BlackTiger_Wandering BlackTiger_Climbing BlackTiger_JumpingAndShooting BlackTiger_Shop

For those of you that are interested, you can keep track of the Black Tiger for M.A.M.E. world record highscore.

Black Tiger is available now for 800 Wii points on the Nintendo Wii.