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I Love Zombie – Support The Zombie Apocalypse

ILoveZombie_BoxArtThis has got to be the cutest advert for a Zombie game ever! Staring the Japanese all-girl band S Mileage, it’s being used to advertise the the I Love Zombie game that has just been released in Japan.

Are you doing the Zombie dance yet? It’s ok, nobody’s watching. Apart from your cat, and maybe your Kinect camera ;-)

I love Zombie is different to other Zombie games as it’s all about helping and nurturing Zombies rather than killing them. You need to herd the horde to overrun cites and towns to get back the “precious thing” that was stolen from their farms. Yeah, the Zombies used to be farmers before they were screwed over by horrible, evil, nasty humans who deserve to die by cold dead, Zombie hands.

See, now you want to help the Zombies, don’t you? Apparently Zombies like bunnies too, as shown in the video below. However the sheep prove to be a bit more of a handful for the poor Zombies. Baa!

No word yet if I Love Zombie is going to be released outside Japan. I really hope it does, as I really want to care for my own Zombie hoard! Braaaaainnnnssssssss.

I Love Zombie is out now for the Nintendo DS in Japan.

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