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Gaming Mug Wars

BlackTiger_MugThere’s nothing better than a sipping tea (or coffee) from a mug emblazoned with images from your favourite game. My favourite gaming mug features images from the classic game Black Tiger. This mug was a birthday gift from my long time friend – TIKIPODltd and we’ve had many happy cups of tea together.

The other gaming mugs that have caught my eye previously are the Aperture Science and Black Mesa ones over at They’re good, but not as good as my Black Tiger mug.

But now there is a new mug on the block and his name is – Space Intruders heat change mug. Snappy name, huh? This lovely mug is my twitter secret santa UK (hashtag #SecretSantaUK) gift, organised by Miss Geeky. Thanks for the gift, secret santa, you’ve made my Black Tiger mug rather worried now ;-)


What you can’t tell from the picture is that it is heat change mug. It looks like an ordinary mug, but when filled with hot water it turns into an action-packed space battle epic of epic epicness. Pew pew pew!

If you don’t like Space Invaders Intruders then maybe the Pac Man heat change mug is more your cup of tea (hehe). Famous owners include, err, Svend from Check out this super cheesy video of the Pac Man mug in action.

Tell us about your favourite gaming mug in the comments.