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CoLD SToRAGE – New Album Released

Tim Wright (aka CoLD SToRAGE) whom many of you may already know as I’ve mentioned his music several times on this site, has just released his latest album called Android Child. I loved his last album MELT with many of those tracks included in my ipod running playlist. His music is great to exercise to and so far it’s helped me run thousands of miles in training and 3 London marathons (and lots of other events).

You can buy Android Child from the CoLD SToRAGE website for £12.99. Also it’s only available as a download (154mb zip) at the moment and consists of 21 tracks that aren’t available anywhere else and a HTML booklet. I’ve bought it and it contains some great tracks.

According to Tim, Android Child was:

2 years in the making, this album is a very personal work inspired by the ups and downs of life and is dedicated to Brian, my father-in-law, who sadly passed away well before his time last year. Whereas MELT was a collection of ideas I’d had for some time, Android Child was composed from start to finish as an entity, and I think the tracks compliment each other quite well.

Hopefully Sony Liverpool will suddenly wake up to the fact that what’s missing from the next Wipeout game is CoLD SToRAGE tracks. Tim’s dropped them a friendly email expressing his desire to be part of the franchise. So it’s over to you Sony Liverpool, time to make it happen.