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Melt cover artSome of you may already have heard of CoLD SToRAGE (aka Tim Wright) from his time at Psygnosis – now SCEE – as he composed over 50 game soundtracks including classic games like Lemmings. He is most widely known for his music tracks featured in WipEout, WipEout 2097 and most recently WipEout Pure.

Back in October 2005 he released a new album called Melt which is available from his website’s online shop in MP3 and WMA formats for £12.99 (file size – 159Mb). You can request a hard copy (at no extra charge) if you don’t like downloading music or you haven’t got broadband!

Also available from the CoLD SToRAGE website are 9 tracks from WipEout and 7 tracks from WipEout 2097 all in MP3 format and all free of charge to download. I can highly recommend all the tracks, especially the ones from the original WipEout!