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AdventureQuest in-game pets rock!

Adventure Quest logo Just came across a free(!) cute single player flash-based pseudo-RPG called Adventure Quest. The graphics are very cute. Check out my pet rock! :) I say pseudo-RPG because I haven’t come across any role-playing elements beyond the standard put-numbers-in-strength-or-dexterity. I’ve only played it a few hours but didn’t see any dialogue options that seemed to make any real difference to what happens in the long-term.

It seems to be mostly centred around battling monsters through a menu-based system and buying new items, similar to the Final Fantasy games but Oh! So much slooooower! And I couldn’t buy any spells coz I kept getting a database error, but it’s a good laugh as a casual time-killer. Check it out here.

Oh yeah, and if you give them some money (“become a Guardian”) you get access to lots of extra equipment and you also get to beta-test DragonFable. Whatever that is.


Adventure Quest


In combat Pet rock in action! Battle menu Starting Village