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WipEout HD review (PS3)

Woo hoo, a high def WipEout game. This is the game that I’ve been waiting for every since the PS3 was launched. First off, it’s a great game. The graphics are fast, high def (ok, the game does cheat a bit with the HD stuff) and stunning. The tracks are almost all brilliant to drive fly, with the exception of the Chenghou Project track which I hate with a passion! The soundtrack is entirely composed of Cold Storage tracks (awesome music), well it is on my PS3 as I’m suing WipEout HDs custom soundtrack feature. And finally, the online component is great. It’s simple to start or create races and there’s always enough players around to start a race pretty quickly.

The pilot assist feature works well and it’s pretty unintrusive. It’s like a passive autopilot that gently nudges you away from the track walls. It won’t save you every time, but for people new to WipEout it makes the game much more accessible, which is a good thing. Also the other great thing about WipEout HD is that I don’t have to use the SIXAXIS controls at all. I still fly using the good old d-pad.

So what’s not so good. Well, I know lots of people really love the new look to the zone tracks, but I’m that impressed. To be honest I was never that big a fan of zone tracks. I much prefer the challenge of perfecting a time trial or the all out mayhem of the races. With the zone tracks it’s all at little, well, boring. In particular the new zone “look” actually makes it harder to play (maybe that’s the point?). When your zipping around at rapier speed the whole environment is eye blindingly red, which makes it an absolute arse to see where your going. Not fun.


The other aspect of WipEout HD that is a little bit of a let down is the tracks available. There is only 8 and 6 are from Wipeout Pure and 2 from Wipeout Pulse. Being a big WipEout fan I have played these tracks to death, so I would have welcomed some new ones. However, new tracks are supposedly planned for future DLC, at a cost obviously.

In Summary:

It looks amazing (especially on a HDTV), plays brilliantly and you can finally blow people up online. Buy it.




WipEout HD is available now for £13.99 on the Playstation 3 from the PSN store

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