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Blur – First Impressions (and free beta code!)

I recently picked up a code for the latest game from Bizarre “I make lots of pretty looking”, but hard, driving games” Creations on the Xbox 360. When Weefz had stopped playing Mass Effect 2, Final Fantasy XIII and Heavy Rain, I fired up the multiplayer beta of Blur.

Several hours later we were still playing it, which for a driving game is a very good sign. So why were we still playing it? Well it’s simple, fun and quick to play. You don’t wait around ages looking for a match, the power-up icons are easy to see and use and you’re straight back in the game when you crash or get wrecked (i.e. your car takes too much damage). It makes the racing interesting from start to finish.

Also its easier to play than WipEout HD, so Weefz enjoyed playing it. Given all the races are over either 2 or 3 laps in the beta, you can swap quickly between people, if there is more than one of you. You don’t have to suffer 10 minute races. Also given Blur is essentially Mario Kart crossed with Project Gotham, it’s spectacular to watch all the power-ups causing mayhem.

Blur is also the most accessible game that I have played from Bizarre Creations. They have taken all the game mechanics from their Project Gotham racing games, like Kudos points for driving “with style” and made them, well, just more fun. You now earn fans during races when you use power-ups, inflict damage on other cars and drive with style. But since the focus of this game is arcade action, you don’t lose fans for crashing into walls, or not taking the perfect racing line. As a result Blur is a more enjoyable game.

My only criticism of the beta is that it only contains 6 tracks. These are:

  • Barcelona Gracia “Passeig de Gracia”
  • Docks “Pacific Reach”
  • Amboy “Badlands Traverse”
  • Tokyo Shutoko “Wangan-sen”
  • Amboy “Devil’s Dip”
  • LA Downtown “Downtown Loop”

So after a few hours, I did crave a bit more track variety. Although I did learn these tracks inside out, which meant I made full use of all the short cuts. And also this is just a beta and we are promised more tracks in the finished game. After playing this beta I’m certainly looking forward to playing the full game in May 2010.


And finally, I have a code to give away for the Blur multiplayer beta to the best comment on this post. So make sure you enter a valid email address and then I’ll send you the code to enter on

Update 14th March 2010: The code has now gone to the lucky reader – Lcom :-) Enjoy the beta.

Blur is released on the 25th May 2010 on PS3, PC and Xbox 360.