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British Artillery Coming To World Of Tanks

WoT - Sexton

It’s been a while since the British tanks had their long awaited introduction to World of Tanks and now their ranks are set to grow with a load of new hardware.

The upcoming World of Tanks update 8.7 will include a branch of British self-propelled guns, including:

  • Crusader
  • Sexton
  • Bishop
  • Birch Gun

Interestingly, you’ll also get to command both post-war prototypes and experimental vehicles like the Conqueror gun carriage (shown below).

The update also includes a new Russian map (Belogorsk-19) and a replacement for the Tier 5 Soviet light tank T-50-2, the MT-25. Look out for the update soon.

WoT_Conqueror Gun Carriage WoT - Bishop WoT - Crusader WoT - Maps - Belogorsk