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This is a blog about video games culture, news and reviews from the UK. You’re not here for business news, gossip or hardcore fanboyism; we talk about video games and having fun.

We’ll pick through all the hyped up marketing and tell you how a game is from the everyday player’s perspective. You don’t have the latest and greatest computer specs. You don’t have unlimited budgets to buy all the most awesome games at full price. You don’t need to know about industry gossip, who’s slagging off who or which company has been just bought, do you? Neither do we.

Debbie “Weefz” Timmins, Editor-in-Chief

Debbie owns and runs The Average Gamer. She started her gaming addiction during the mid-eighties on a lovely green Amstrad CPC64. From those early days of The Hobbit (say to Thorin “Carry me please”) she graduated to Lucasarts adventures and western C-RPGs. She accidentally fell into real-time strategy through the original Dune game but it really isn’t her thing. A few years of Discworld MUD addiction followed. Eventually she found first-person shooters, Japanese RPGs and Soul Calibur, and is now a fully-rounded gamer.

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Nick Silversides, Staff Writer

Nick is a 41 yr old male gamer. It all started back in 1984 with a little known game on the BBC Micro called Elite and its been downhill since then via ownership of the Atari ST, Amiga, A500 and A1200, PC Engine GT, PS1, PC, PS2, Gameboy Advance, SP and DS, PSP, Wii, PS Vita and most recently the PS4 Pro. He likes first-person shooters and role-playing games – citing Dungeon Master as “the greatest game ever made” – driving games, the odd platformer and the Zelda games.

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Kevin Kissane, Writer

Kevin is a 30 year old self-confessed addicted gamer since the tender age of…. as long as he can remember. From early years on Granny’s Garden on the BBC Micro, Dizzy on the ZX Spectrum (128k, no less), and Pitfall on the Atari 2600, all the way through five further generations of console gaming. Now he wastes (citation needed) his hours on FIFA, acclaimed FPS, and anything with a great plot/intense action. Believes Enslaved: Odyssey to the West to be an unsung masterpiece.

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Mat Jones, Writer

People are going to remember Mat: not for his years writing at Sarcastic Gamer; not for the great weekly podcast he hosts at Oh No! Video Games!; nor for the journalism degree he’s obtained. No, they’re going to remember him as the person who orders jalapeños and pineapple on pizza.

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Patrick Day-Childs, Writer

Patrick “Custard Trout” Day-Childs has been writing about video games since he was about 12 years old. He’s a martial arts practitioner and Church of Jediism council member. He’s a video game collector and built up his own Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition Arcade Machine. He’s still trying to find Zelda’s Adventure on the CD-I though. His favourite games are Call of Duty: 4, DOOM, and Legend of Zelda.

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Pippa Hall, Writer

Now in her early thirties, Pippa began honing her skills in the mid-eighties, when games were tough and being a frog was likely to end badly. Since then, she’s plinked and blipped through nearly every major gaming platform that’s been along. These days Pippa tends to play MMOs when she’s feeling nurturing, online FPS when she wants to kill somebody and the Wii when she wants to be patronised about her weight.

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Duncan Aird, Writer

Duncan is a self-confessed Marmite lover, is extremely excitable under the simplest of circumstances, and has a borderline unhealthy obsession of the PAC-MAN franchise. He somehow has a Masters degree in journalism, which is certain to help keep him warm during long nights hunched over a bowl of Southern Fried Chicken Super Noodles.

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