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Bugs Vs. Tanks! Review (3DS)

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Bugs Vs Tanks! is one of the most literal video game titles ever. Of course they don’t go together in the real world, but Level-5 begs to differ in this World War II tank-a-thon with a twist.

Bugsvstanks2Bugs vs. Tanks! is a semi-top down tank shooter, with you taking the role of Sergeant in a tank regiment of Second World War Nazis, inexplicably shrunk to the size of everyday ants and bees.

Slowly processing this borderline-ridiculous truth is the least of their worries, and it’s up to you to take out the bugs in a series of simple and short-lived missions that are unfortunately oh-so-familiar, each and every time.

Bugs vs. Tanks! is just a dull game. Despite the unfortunate turn of events for a group of Nazis, it’s still a questionable source of protagonist (if that is the intention), and has little bearing on a plot that the game believes to exist, but doesn’t. It’s a bit random, and unlikely to appeal to anyone. It is very easy to pick up and play, with simple move, point and shoot mechanics a la GTA tanks, but never any more than that. The only variety is whether you are collecting rations, water, or just eradicating bugs, which all amount to the same thing.

Each mission consists of:-

  • Reading the bland, simple dialogue designed to keep the scarce plot alive
  • Choosing your tank ammo, where either/or makes little difference anyway
  • Roaming around areas that have no variety, and look inferior to even most DS games
  • Performing menial tasks using barely-involving gameplay mechanics, against an endless army of almost identical-looking bugs.

For a 3DS game it’s surprisingly poor visually, with the 3D being almost completely redundant, and the bland, pale-grass surfaces resembling PS1 graphics of old. There is no interaction with any of the claustrophobic backdrops, or walls that block your path, but only if you decide not to use the map.

Much like the Nazi protagonists, Bugs vs. Tanks! is a title out of its time period. Don’t be lured by its wacky title, because that’s about as wacky as it gets. Much like navigating the levels, it’s a failure at almost every turn. It’s a simple title for the simply pleased individual and a very disappointing entry for Guild02.

Bugs Vs. Tanks! is available now on the 3DS Nintendo eShop.

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