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Nintendo UK Launches Weekly Animal Crossing: New Leaf Contests

Nintendo ACNL House

Nintendo are giving away money! No, that is not a pun against their profit margins. They are giving you the chance to win great prizes, so now you can play with a new motive. It’s time to get creative in the world of Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Starting this week, Nintendo UK have launched the first of series of weekly contests, with the top prize being £50 of eShop credit. You can at last afford a new digital title. Ahem.

Using social networks – a massive part of the gaming community at present – and using the 3DS Image Share through your 3DS’ web browser, Nintendo appear keen to keep people active and talking about this already popular release.

Firstly, by following @AC_Isabelle on Twitter, you can check out the details yourself as they are announced. There will be six week-long contests, and the below shows the first of them.

(For those unfamiliar with Twitter – you should read from the bottom up)


Yup, you gotta build yourself a Nintendo house. I hope you’ve been buying those fortune cookies from Timmy and Tommy.

For any entry to be valid, 3 things must happen:-

  • The hash-tag must be correct – #ACNLTheme1
  • Any entry must have been submitted through the 3DS Image Sharing Service, using your 3DS browser.
  • Your Twitter account must be following @AC_Isabelle

The first week will end at 11:39pm on 28th July, and the prizes are pretty cool. Check out the official contest page for details on this great concept (and the full terms and conditions).

So will you have a go? I’ve got a bit of work to do myself, how about you? Let us know in the comments below.