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Defiance Beta Keys: Get One Right Here

Defiance LogoLast week we brought you the new Defiance sizzle trailer and beta announcement. Now we have a stack of Defiance beta keys to give away.

The first beta starts this Friday, 18th January at 4pm and runs all the way to 5am on 21st January. This one is PC-only I’m afraid. PS3 gamers will be able to participate at a later date.

Defiance - Scrapper ArkfallYou’ll be able to explore the ravaged area of Mt. Tam, the competitive multiplayer map called The Waterfront and the Shadow War, a zone-capture, open world PvP mode that takes place “behind the scenes” of the normal game world. Here’s my hands-on preview of the area that you’ll be playing in the beta.

All you need to do is leave a comment below telling us what you think is the most interesting part of Defiance. I’ll email keys to everyone who responds until we run out.

Important: To participate in this beta event, you must agree to a Terms of Use, License and Non-Disclosure Agreement (“the Agreement”) on your Defiance Beta – Manage Games page.