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New Defiance Trailer and Beta Dated

Defiance, the upcoming MMO from Trion Worlds has a new sizzle trailer that shows off the co-op. Sort of.

Yeah, it’s more a case of having lots of people near each other shooting at the same thing than actual co-operation, but in my experience, that’s pretty much how the co-op works out. Check out the Defiance hands-on preview I wrote last year.

Defiance - HulkerBeta sign-ups are open now and the first closed beta will run from 18th to 20th January on PC only. Here’s the Defiance beta sign-up page. It’ll cover the area that I played in the preview: the tutorial, the terraformed area of Mt. Tam, the Waterfront competitive multiplayer map, the Shadow War open world PvP and the massive co-op boss battles in Arkfall, presumably those shown in the trailer.

Those letters that spin across the word “ENLIST”? VO5DHS and 6CIBJT. I don’t know what they mean either. I guess we’ll find out when the first beta opens next week.

Defiance will launch on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 at the beginning of April, two weeks before the SyFy TV show broadcast.

Edit: The official Defiance Twitter account confirms that the codes are important. Stick ’em on a post-it and try not to lose it before the 18th.

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