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CLOSED: Original Molenaar Concept Art Sketch + Gun Commando

Gun Commando Screenshot

Gun Commando is a pixel art-ish run-and-gunner for the PS Vita and PlayStation Mobile, offering both touch screen and controller methods depending on the device you use. Following classic Doom-style FPS you can run around 24 levels, fighting robots, people, and… uh… more people with your large arsenal of weapons. There’s also a time attack mode.

The art was designed by comic book artist Romano Molenaar. Here’s some gameplay and cutscene footage in this trailer:

We’ve teamed up with Green Hill and Ripstone, the producers and publishers of Gun Commando to offer you one of Romano Moelnaar’s original concept sketch drawings used to create the cutcenes, as well as a code to download the game for free. We’ve pictured four sketches below – one of them, chosen randomly, will be posted to the winner.

Gun Commando Concept Art 2 Gun Commando Concept Art 1

Just drop us a comment below saying what your favourite retro or pixel art game is. We’ll pick a winner on Sunday night and be in touch by email. Good luck!

[UK postal address only, please. Sorry, overseas people.]