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Daily News: Twister, Comics, 90s Rap, Rage and Deus Ex

Here you are, another dose of recent gaming news that’s interesting, useful or just plain made me laugh.

Twister Mania: Majesco Entertainment announced a new title today, Twister Mania for Kinect. Hooray! I always wanted to crawl around with a bunch of other people in the 2 feet of space in my living room that Kinect actually registers.

Okay, that’s unfair. With the Nyko Zoom camera clip-on thing, this might be a workable concept. But when I’m drinking at a party, do I really want to squash myself into the shape of an elephant or a cow with three other people?

Um… no. Unfortunately for me, that’s exactly the sort of thing my tipsy friends would find hilarious. Halp!

Dead Island: The official comic is available online. This was originally given out as a printed limited edition to San Diego ComicCon visitors. Glad to see that us non-US people can now read the comic because it’s a beautiful bit of work. Even though it’s a mere six pages long, you get some good backstory on the four playable characters in the game. Go read the Marvel Dead Island digital comic.

Dance Central 2: Harmonix announced six more tracks last week and all of them are amazing (assuming you like 90s rap. Yes, my secret shame…)

Rage: There’s a Rage novel! It’s by the same guy who’s writing the game, Matthew Costello. He’s done quite a bit of game writing in the past – The 7th Guest, The 11th Hour, Doom 3, Just Cause and… er… Cyberchase: Castleblanca Quest. Anyway, the book tells the story of Lieutenant Nick Raine as he emerges from his Ark. It’s a novelisation of the game’s plot but you get much more detail on the backstory (so I’ve been told). The novel is available today for less than a tenner on Kindle or paperback.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution: And a couple of Deus ex videos have been making the rounds this week. I feel bad for laughing at this, what with the disproportionate violence against a poor innocent building manager and all. On the other hand, the editing makes it really fucking funny.

Yeah, if you think you might be offended by violence against women, best not to watch this one.