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Daily News – Interactive Movies, Kinect Add-on For Smaller Living Rooms and Bodycount

In today’s gaming news, we mess with your mind and your Kinect

The BAFTA Play it up: Innovation, films and gaming event takes place this Sunday 24th July 2011 from 11:45 – 13:15. Here’s the event description:

We’ve heard it before: videogames and films are quickly converging, with films becoming increasingly interactive, and many videogames seeking to emulate the narrative sophistication of the movies. But how is this relevant to the low budget filmmaker? In this event, onedotzero are taking videogame making and filmmaking back to basics, looking at digital innovators in both mediums, and showing us what we can learn from people creating great work for little money.

Tickets cost £5 which also gets you a nice Sunday morning breakfast. After the event there will also be some free drinks courtesy of YouTube to help all the networking go more smoothly….

One of the speakers at the event is Dawid Marcinkowski who is responsible for the intriguingly odd interactive movie – Sufferrosa. It’s all very WTF? A decent broadband connection is recommended too. Check it out. I dare you.


For those of you that don’t have giant living rooms and end up rearranging furniture to please your Kinect sensor, then Zoom for Kinect from Nyko Technologies may be your saviour. It claims to reduce the space required to play Kinect by up to 40% by adding some extra lenses to the front of the Kinect unit. Basically, it’s a pair of glasses. It’s due for release in the US on the 23rd Aug 2011 for $29.99. No international release dates or prices have been announced yet. As this is something that we could really use here at TAG towers we will report back after we get one to test out.

Codemaster’s all-action FPS Bodycount has just got its own website. I know that’s not especially exiting news but
you can download some gun themed wallpapers for your desktop and smartphone from the site. The gameplay trailer from E3 2011 shows you just what kind of mayhem you can expect from the game. Guns, guns, guns….