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WipEout 2048 – Get A Weapon In The Game

WipEout 2048  - LogoLove wipEout games? Want to influence wipEout 2048? Now’s your chance to suggest a new type of weapon and get it in the upcoming PS Vita title.

Stuart Tilley, the game director of wipEout 2048 told me during our interview that the weapon list in wipEout has not yet been finalised. Yes, many wipEout weapons are already in but the development team are still trying out new concepts. If you’re an aspiring designer, take this opportunity to show off your ideas.

Here’s how to submit your weapon ideas to the team, in Tilley’s own words:

It’s a modern connected world, right? They can tweet us or comment on our wipEout 2408 Facebook page. Put up an idea, we read it all every day. It pings my mail every time someone puts something on Facebook so it appears on my desktop. Best be quick though to get published as we’ve got a game to finish!

Tilley also said that they are looking at cool ways to update some of the classic wipEout weapons like shockwave. Read the rest of the interview here where we talked about the biggest change to the weapon system in any wipEout game ever made, discussed track editors, voice activation and if we are likely to see another wipEout game on the PlayStation 3.

WipEout 2048 will be a launch title for the PS Vita. See all our wipEout 2048 coverage here.