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Gamescom Tech: Calibur 11

While we saw loads of games over in Koln, there’s plenty of other stuff on show as well. Calibur 11 are in the business of blinging up your console. Perhaps you were disappointed at the recent news that Xbox will no longer be manufacturing shiny 360 slims? No worries, you can cover up that cheap-looking matte finish with a slick outer case from their Vault range.

Calibur cases bolt around the outside of a slim console, with holes and airvents all over you don’t overheat your pricey machine or void your warranty for the sake of looking good. They also come with some well-designed feet. For those of you who prefer to have your console standing upright then the feet will prevent it from falling over, though they will double the width of shelf-space you need.

The case holes serve a dual purpose. As well as cooling, you can hook on additional accessories, like the circular saw Apocalypse pack or a controller holder that looks strangely like a duck’s bill. Despite it’s bizarre appearance, the holder is actually pretty solid. I spent a good few minutes prodding one of the demo consoles – the controller will stay on through most of your typical bumps and nudges. You’d have to be actively trying to knock the thing off before it will go, so it does the job. The plastic is sturdy as well. You’d practically have to sit on the thing before it breaks but personally, I’d remove it as soon as possible. Do you really want to turn your console into a mutant duck-billed monstrosity? Unlikely. I keep my controllers in a basket by the sofa anyway.

No, I’d much rather go for one of the themes that Calibur 11 were showcasing – the red and black Gears of War 3 case looks great and, as a nice touch, the lighting is tied to your health status. When you go down in Gears of War 3 and are bleeding out on the floor, the case light dims as you slip into unconsciousness. Yes, okay, it’s a bit naff but I like it :P

The other one on display is their Major League Gaming case, again with the ominous skull-light motif. It’s as if all games are about killing (oh, wait). Check out the pics below.

Calibur 11 Xbox 360 Slim cases are available now on Amazon from £39.99. PS3 Slim cases will be available later this year as well.