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Daily News – Burnout Crash, GameCity 6 and F1 2011 gameplay

On the day that witnessed the final launch of the Space Shuttle program, what better way to end it than with some top gaming news.

Eric Chahi, Naughty Dog’s Lead Game Designer Richard Lemarchand and thatgamecompany’s Robin Hunicke will all be presenting their games at this year’s Gamecity 6 videogames festival which takes place in Nottingham between 25th – 29th Oct 2011. Eric will be talking about his game From Dust and Richard Lemarchand will be introducing fans to Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception and talking about the first 2 games in the series. Robin Hunickle will be hosting, what could very well turn out to be the highlight of the festival, a late night large-scale projection of Journey. We will let you know as soon as tickets for the festival are released.

Criterion Games and EA have officially announced the existence of Burnout Crash. The game, which will be coming to PSN and Xbox Live Arcade this autumn, is a top down affair where you have to cause as much damage as possible. According to the Criterion Games blog, Burnout Crash was:

Inspired by pinball, retro music and game shows. Our gameplay is real simple. Drive into an intersection, cause a massive pile-up and blow up everything in sight! With 3 game modes, each of which requiring different strategies and tactics, you’ve got plenty of ways to try and get a high score and top your Crashwall amongst your friends.

BurnoutCrash_Carnage BurnoutCrash_Explosion

Burnout Crash will also work with Kinect, but annoyingly, Criterion didn’t reveal how this will work.

4 guys are currently raising money for Child’s Play by playing as much Halo as possible without a break. They are trying to get through as many of the 70 levels contained within the 6 Halo games released to date. You can see how they are getting on right now on their Haloathon website.

You can now download a 2 level PC demo for Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows – Part 2 videogame. This demo features Harry battling Voldemort’s Death Eaters on the rooftops at Hogwarts and Hermione fighting with Fenrir.

SNK’s King of Fighters game is now available for the iPhone/iPod touch, priced at a hefty $7.99. Does anyone play fighting games on their phone?

Codemasters have just released the first game play trailer for their upcoming F1 2011 game. Sit back, relax and enjoy some gorgeous F1 action. Don’t forget the British Grand Prix takes place this Sunday from 1pm: