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Daily News – Free Portal 2 Soundtrack, Marathon from Bungie and the public beta of Civilization World

Time for another dose of daily news.

Valve Software are continuing to give stuff away for free. You can now download Portal 2 Soundtrack – Volume 2 for nothing. You can still pick up Volume 1 free of charge too.

Bungie’s classic shooter, Marathon is now available to download for free on the iPad. You get 27 levels of first person shooter action from 1994. If you are appalled by the look of the game then you might need to buy the HD mode pack of new high res textures for the walls, floors and water for $3.99


Controls for Marathon on the iPad

The public beta of Civilization World is now live on Facebook, signalling an end to productivity worldwide. Available to play for free, Civilization World is a social version of Sid Meier’s classic game Civilization. The video below shows you the game in action.