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Daily News – Modern Warfare 3, Eight Bit Strange and BioShock Infinite

Solid Snake is watching youWelcome to the start of another weeks news. Yes, that guy peaking out from behind the grill is Solid Snake…. (courtesy of Eight Bit Strange)

The final episode of Solid Snake’s first adventure season has been posted on the Eight Bit Strange Site. If you’ve not seen one of these videos before, then grab a cup of tea/coffee, sit down and watch all 9 episodes. Almost everything you see is the product of a rather talented animator called Greg. Having a basic knowledge of the Metal Gear games is handy to understand all the jokes. Episode 9 in particular is jam packed with videogame jokes and references and even Chuck Norris makes an appearance! I love these animations. Really looking forward to season 2.

Eight Bit Strange Videos

Sledgehammer Games have revealed that they are working on a colourblind assist option for their upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 game which is nice to see. Also we have an interview with a colour blind gamer going live tomorrow in which we discuss the difficulties playing games with red/green colour blindness.

Limbo is coming to PSN on the 20th July 2011 and to Steam on the 2nd Aug 2011 so now PC and PS3 owners get the chance to die horribly in lots of different ways. In the game, obviously.

There’s reports that a Space Invaders film may be hitting cinemas in the near future. Yes, Space Invaders, that game with that really, really complicated plot and massive back story about why the aliens were attacking Earth. No, wait, there was no story or plot, it was all just shooting. Quick get Michael Bay on board! The mind boggles about just how much this film will (probably) suck.

At this year’s E3, BioShock Infinite walked (or should that be staggered?) away with almost every award going. Now you can see what all the fuss was about as the behind closed doors gameplay video is made public. Let us know what you think about BioShock Infinite in the comments.