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Killzone 3 Public Beta – How To Get Access

Killzone3_ExplosionsFrom the 25th October 2010 Sony will be running a Killzone 3 beta. Yeah, it really doesn’t seem its been that long since Killzone 2 was released! This Killzone 3 beta will allow players to check out the new ‘Operations’ game type, the jetpacks and exoskeleton vehicles and the party system. Anyway, to be part of this beta you essentially need to have money and be free on the 14th October, because this is what’s required:

  • Have a PlayStation Plus account (£39.99 for 1yr or £11.99 for 90-days)
  • 14th Oct 2010 – Quickly download the Killzone 3 XMB Theme from PlayStation Store (from 8pm UK Time)
  • Hope that you’re one of the first 10,000 people to download the XMB theme
  • 25th Oct 2010 – If you are one of the first 10,000 then you’ll get an email with the public beta trial promo code in it

Sony also wants all participants in the beta to:

  • Provide honest gameplay feedback
  • Report any bugs encountered
  • Report any cheats or exploits (yes, even if they are awesome!)
  • Help test the network code

Fortunately, I got to experience Killzone 3 in 3D at last weeks Eurogamer Expo and it was pretty awesome. This beta should be lots of fun.

Update 12th October 2010: You can get 15 months of PlayStation Plus for the price of 12 (i.e. £39.99) at the moment, and the Killzone3 theme will be available from 8pm UK time (according to the PlayStation.Blog).

Killzone 3 is due for release in Feb 2011 only on PlayStation 3.