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Dungeon Explorer: Warriors of Ancient Arts Prepares For Battle

Dungeon Explorer WoAALogoWay, way back in 1989 on a little known system called the PC Engine, Hudson Soft released Dungeon Explorer. It was a brilliant game and one I loved to bits when I played it a year later on my (imported) PC Engine GT. It was a game very much in the Gauntlet mould and was pretty bloody hard, especially when you don’t read Japanese. However, after many, many hours and hacking and slashing I actually finished it. Currently you can play Dungeon Explorer on the Virtual Console, so here’s a video showing you what to expect.

But there is more (and the point of this post!). Next month sees the release of a brand new Dungeon Explorer game. Well 2 new games actually, as it’s coming out on both the PSP and Nintendo DS. Each version takes place at different times in the Dungeon Explorer universe. Actually the DS version is set immediately after the PSP version (wonder if it will contain some plot spoilers?). From the screen shots released so far it looks very much like Untold Legends on the PSP. According to Hudson Soft we can look forward to 3 player on-line co-op hacking, lots of embarking on epic journeys (in a time of heroes, no doubt) and a spot of weapon and equipment upgrading. Excellent.

Dungeon Explorer WoAA - DS version Dungeon Explorer WoAA - PSP version

Dungeon Explorer: Warriors of Ancient Arts is released mid-Feb 2008 on the DS and PSP