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Driveclub PS Plus Edition – Limited To 10 Cars And 5 tracks

Driveclub DriverEvolution Studios announced at E3 2013 that PlayStation Plus owners would be getting a free edition of Driveclub, albeit with fewer cars and tracks. After today”s EU PlayStation Blog post by the games” new director – Paul Rustchynsky – this actually means 10 cars and 11 distinct variants of 5 tracks in one country.

Unfortunately, this means you don”t have enough complete the single player mode, making the free version essentially a demo. You can pay to upgrade PS edition to the full release.

Other info:

  • Club size has been reduced from 12 to 6 players
  • Trustmaster racing wheels will be supported (and Logitech ones when they get released)
  • Customisable race start times and time compression (i.e. timelapse for the day/night effects)
  • On and offline modes
  • Framerate is locked at 30 fps
  • Unlock new cars through MSR Kudos FAME which you earn by drifting, achieving top speeds and drafting opponents
  • Track times vary from less than a minute to over best online casino 5 mins
  • Tracks have been made less authentic and “more exiting and enjoyable”
  • No 3D mode

Evolution are also looking into releasing the in game soundtrack by the brilliant Welsh band Hybrid. Personally, I would be all over this in a heartbeat.

Finally, over on IGN, Rustchynsky also confirmed that “you’ll be able to play online, multiplayer races, you’ll be able to join a club, create connections, attend challenges and even play through part of the single-player game and unlock Trophies as well.”

Driveclub is released on the 8th October 2014 for PS4.