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3 Upcoming PlayStation Puzzlers from Curve

Titan Attacks - Aargh
Curve Digital have brought some excellent games to PlayStation platforms (Thomas Was Alone, Proteus) and they have three more PC games coming to PS4, PS3 and PlayStation Vita in the next few weeks.

Titan Attacks is a Space Invaders-like shooter, pictured above. It may feel slow-paced to start off with but soon has you rushing across the screen to take out a terrifying number of enemies.

Following the classic rules, you can’t shoot another bullet while your first is still on the screen, so precision timing will do far more good than mindless button bashing. Completing levels will earn in-game cash for upgrades and you will need them.

Titan Attacks will be out as a cross-buy purchase on PlayStation 3, Vita and PS4 from 7th May. It’s already available for Windows PC.

The Swapper is a beautiful and complex puzzler that has you creating disposable clones to work your away around an abandoned space mining station. Armed with a tool that allows you to create up to 4 clones of yourself, your job is to investigate the station. Your clones will mimic your actions, walking left and right when you do, stepping on switches and falling down pits to their untimely demise.

You can swap your consciousness between clones to bypass traps or reach impossibly-high platforms. Lights placed around various parts of the station can disable certain abilities, so you’re constantly overcoming fresh challenges. Here’s a brief gameplay demo of an early section of the game. You can’t place a clone in a blue light and can’t swap to a clone that’s standing in a red light.

Watch live video from Weefz on TwitchTV

The Swapper will be out on PS4 and Vita from 25th June. You can already buy it for Windows PC.

MouseCraft is a straight-up puzzle game that has you moving blocks around to help your lemming-like lab mice reach their cheesy goal. Across the 40 levels, you’ll encounter tiny bombs, electrified blocks, fragile blocks that disintegrate after a certain number of mice cross it, and plenty more challenges. There’s also a sandbox mode to create your own levels.

MouseCraft - ExplosionAs well as getting all your mice to the end goal, there are extra challenges in the form of blue crystals to collect on your way to the goal. Clockwork rats will attempt to eat your mice buddies but set things up right and you can sacrifice these mechanical monsters to make the path safe.

MouseCraft will be out on PS4, PS Vita, PS4 and Windows PC from 9th July.