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Driveclub PS Plus Details – Less Tracks And Cars

Driveclub - LogoAfter we revealed that the PlayStation Plus edition of Driveclub contains reduced content I met up with Jamie Brayshaw, Community Development Manager at Evolution Studios here at E3 2013 to ask him for more details. He said:

We still in the relativly early stages of development of the game so we can’t confirm specifics but we will be making an announcement outlining the differences. Right now at a high level, I can tell you that the differences between the Playstation Plus Edition and the Driveclub you will be able to buy in shops and download from the PlayStation Store are quite simple, there are fewer cars and tracks. Not significantly so that you won’t be able to enjoy the game.

He went on to say that “the most important thing, and the thing that is identical between both of them is absolutely everything in terms of being able to take part in global races, play multiplayer, being able to send challenges to one another, take part in events with one another, again as a club or individual. Absolutely all of that is completely identical.”

Will we be able to buy the tracks and cars that are missing from the Driveclub PS Plus version then? Well, Jamie said we’d have to wait for their upcoming PS Plus announcement for more details.

Driveclub is coming to PS4 at the end of 2013