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Journey Review (PSN)

I have never met Dave or Carl. Late on a Wednesday night I took the most beautiful journey of my life with them.

Journey from ThatGameCompany is just that – a journey through the desert. Sometimes you’ll meet other travellers along the way. With just the abilities to walk, jump and shout, how you deal with them is up to you.

I travelled alone for hours. I explored every nook, played in every cranny, climbed every dune and snuck through every sandfall to see what lay beyond. I shouted at the ruins, unlocking new passages and I explored the lands that lay beyond.

I found Dave.

I wasn’t sure of him at first. Was he real? Was he an AI? We circled at first, sizing each other up. We shouted at each other. We jumped through floating ribbons and danced together. He taught me how to gather entire clouds of ribbons and we used their power to fly together through the skies. During our aerial dance I crossed an unknown border, tumbling for miles down a valley and landing a cavern. Dave was left behind.

I was hopeful at first. I waited for him to follow me in. I trudged back and forth across the lonely plain, willing him to appear, listening for the rushing sand that would herald his arrival.


The next land was flat and lifeless. I explored. I did my duties, awakening those that needed me and gathering those that I needed in turn. I felt empty.

The land after that, I found Carl. We journeyed together for a long time. We learned that shouting was both our communication and our lifeline. We huddled together for warmth. He paid the price for our mistakes as I trembled behind a pillar. I lent him my strength as we scaled the highest walls.

We rode carpet-critters together and we called to each other across towers of light. We battled wind and cold together and we shuddered in fear from the beasties that sought us. We waited for each other in the harshest of climes. We suffered together. We were silenced together. We walked hand in hand into the light.

I have never spoken to Dave or Carl.

You should buy this game.

Journey will be available on the PSN store from 14th March.

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