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Frobisher Says Review (Vita)

With the huge software line-up that is available for the PlayStation Vita, new owners have been dealt a conundrum: which game do you get? On a device which has so many functions – two cameras, front and rear touchpads, dual analogue sticks, and immense graphical power – it’s hard to find a game that can explore all of these great gadgets. Luckily, Frobisher Says does so brilliantly, and best of all, it’s free.

Anyone who has played a WarioWare game will be immediately familiar with the premise; a series of delightfully quirky mini-games which require you to complete a certain action within a given time, and scoring you depending on your speed. Frobisher Says comes packed with 50 games (with the Super Fun Pack), most of which you unlock as you play through either “Fixed Length” or “Sudden Death” mode. Sadly, these are the only modes available, but it would be unfair to criticise a free game for its lack of modes, considering how great the actual mini-games are.

The mini-games range from the simple; like playing snap or using the SixAxis to guide a rainy cloud over a parade, to the insane; like scratching Frobisher’s back or drying a sausage dog. There’s even one game which simply requires you to look away from your Vita, though I highly recommend you sneak a cheeky glance, as there are some hilarious animations. The only issue I’ve come across is the camera-based mini-games at night. Because you can’t turn these off, and the Vita’s cameras are rubbish, they don’t work. Luckily, you can skip these games when they appear, and it doesn’t affect your score.

Then we come on to Frobisher himself, a strange looking, vividly-coloured boy, who tells you what to do. As well as telling you to “squash the toffs”, or “deliver my pudding”, he will also provide colourful commentary about his views on badgers or replicate the noise of a chainsaw. The bizarre voice of Frobisher sets the tone for the game, perfectly matching the crazy actions you have to perform. Even the menus define Frobisher Says as a “stupid videogame”.

Not that you need to be told to go out and download something that’s free, but Frobisher Says is fantastic. The outlandish design and presentation are compelling, and although there are only two game modes, the online leaderboards and sheer fun of the games themselves make it hugely addictive. I would also recommend downloading the Super Fun Pack, which throws in 15 extra mini-games for £1.59.

Frobisher Says is available now on from the PSN Store

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