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Distinctly Average Ep 9: You Don’t Need Muscles in the Future

Gears of War Xtreme Beach Volleyball wide
We discuss potential directions for the Gears of War franchise now that Microsoft owns it outright. Tweet us your ideas at one of the accounts below. Sean is learning how to bake while Colin talks about his Game of the Year – Octodad: Dadliest Catch. Debbie’s taken up Minecraft again and Nick reminds us of the giant testicle at the end of Half-Life.


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Show Notes

0:00:50 Gears of War sold to Microsoft. We can only hope it means that this is happening.
0:06:06 The Last of Us
0:17:05 A rare NES cart on eBay (also Jurassic Park)
0:28:47 Octodad
0:36:20 Gears of War 3
0:39:36: Redux: Dark Matters (that new Dreamcast game)
0:45:58 Elder Scrolls Online and PS+
0:49:03 All Points Bulletin (The original game)
0:51:23 Dead Rising 3 DLC
0:57:21 Tomb Raider: The Definitive Edition – here’s the comparison screenshot
1:03:39 Kinect on Dead Rising 3
1:07:19 The PlayStation Store
1:11:51 Mass Effect 4
1:13:42 Legend of Grimrock
1:14:14 Minecraft
1:17:22 Food in video games
1:21:19 Half-Life