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Distinctly Average S02E08 – Legolas. He Is Without LEGO

Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor - Talion
We discuss the Candy Crush Banner Saga trademark dispute, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. The second Hobbit film (no spoilers) and The Walking Dead Season 1 (episode 1-3 spoilers). Colin claims that he was playing Half-Life when he was five, while Debbie talks about Guise of the Wolf and Don’t Starve (again). Nick’s been playing Legend of Grimrock.


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Show notes

01:53: Candy Crush Saga vs The Banner Saga
06:35: Tomb Raider
10:08: Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
16:30: Octodad
17:49: Legend of Grimrock
26:24: Max: The Curse of Brotherhood
31:36: Half-Life
33:58: The Sims 2
35:53: Don’t Starve
40:44: Outlast
43:05: The Walking Dead

The Candy Crush Banner Saga legal thing: The clearest article outlining the situation is probably this Q&A from Kotaku.

And here’s the gamerlaw article we failed to fully understand.

Tomb Raider and Frames per Second: GameSpot’s Reality Check covered framerates quite nicely back in October.

The Shadow of Mordor gameplay walkthrough. This game contains no hobbits.

Elijah Wood and Leo Di Caprio in 1994. I took this one from Reddit.

Elijah Wood Leonardo Di Caprio 1994

The “penis game” is, of course, Rust. We talked at great length (tee-hee!) about it in last week’s podcast.

Following the advice in my Don’t Starve tips post should see you through to winter.