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Distinctly Average S02E07 – The Penis Episode

Titanfall Controller
It’s a new podcast! You’ll be pleased to know that we successfully managed to not talk about Assassin’s Creed IV in this one. Instead, we talked about penises. Colin tells us all about Rust, Debbie talks Double Fine Adventure Broken Age, Sean reveals disturbing things about himself and Nick generally takes the piss. Also, none of us understood until this episode quite how deep Colin’s love for Kiefer Sutherland really goes.

I left out the backing track this time. Better or worse?


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Show Notes

1:20: Evolve
2:12: Kiefer Sutherland, Jessica Alba and Willem Dafoe.
6:23: Evolve (again)
7:49: Rust (and penises)
16:10: Titanfall’s controller – exclusively available from GAME for £44.99, from 14th March.
21:33: A bag of dicks
22:25: Alien Isolation. Screenshots here
27:00 John Romero’s going to make you his bitch
29:34: Assassin’s Creed Liberation: HD
33:05: Download vs disc-based games
35:30: Game manuals
38:30: Liam Neeson vs Kiefer Sutherland
41:11: PlayStation Now
46:29 Syphon Filter. Colin may have exaggerated the postures of the characters but he’s absolutely right on the voice acting.

49:15: Steam Controller
50:00 Sean is too popular for his own good
51:03 Kiefer Sutherland. Again
53:55 Broken Age. The male protagonist’s name is Shay, not Sway. Sorry!
1:00:03: Adventure Time. Not the game
1:07:00: A rather confused conversation about toilets
1:10:00: Shia La Beouf and Nymphomaniac