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Distinctly Average S02E06 – Throwing the Man-Javelins


In this week’s podcast Colin reveals his anxiety over playing games for men while Nick ponders if the adult entertainment industry will embrace curved televisions. I fail not to starve in Don’t Starve and we chat about some older games, listed below.


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Show Notes

Yes, we also talked about Assassin’s Creed IV again. Sorry.

Pornhub actually held an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit the day after we recorded this, so I had to ask how many people were actually using their PS4 to watch pornhub. At least a hundred thousand people every day, according to VP Operations Brett Hall.

Pornhub Reddit PS4 Usage

Occasional TAG contributor Chris Higgins also pointed me towards this gem of an analysis from Pornhub themselves on the use of Pornhub through console browsers. [via PS4Daily]

“Xbox users enjoyed themselves the longest with an average visit time of 11 minutes and 34 seconds, which is 2 and a half minutes longer than the site average of 8 minutes and 58 seconds. Nintendo Wii users wrapped things up over a minute quicker averaging visits of 10 minutes, 32 seconds.”

Don’t Starve
You can get Don’t Starve here if you like the sound of it but don’t have a PS4 or PS+.

Steam Machines

Further reading.

Deus Ex: The Fall

It’s actually a pretty decent game apart from the unfinished story. My review is here.

The video of me using the went up yesterday.

Ryse: Son of Rome

My Ryse preview pretty much sums up the entire game.


Apparently Coldplay do make their own clothes.

“Making clothes together in our studio makes us feel complete,” says lead singer Chris Martin. “We probably sound like a group of grannies in a knitting circle but it’s the truth.”