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Distinctly Average S02E05 – Sean’s New Year Quiz

Dead Rising 3 Nick Bearinator and Dick Ultimate Grim Reaper
I handed podcast chair duties over to Sean for this episode, for no other reason that I felt like being on holiday for another day. He did a quiz! Join me and Colin as we mercilessly troll Sean’s attempt to take it seriously.


For those who want to prove that they know more about games than us, you can find the quiz questions below. Answers are in the podcast.

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The Quiz

Thanks to Richard Churchill, @CockneyCharmer, @Tuffcub, Steven Pilkington, Travis Luscombe and Lee Williams for submitting questions.

  1. In October Charlie McDonnell joined the cast of which upcoming stealth platforming puzzle game?
  2. Who is Bryan Henderson and what was special about his win?
  3. Name 3 gaming roles Nolan North played in 2013?
  4. How many U-Turns did Microsoft make in 2013
  5. What was odd about Naughty Dog’s 4th game?
  6. Name 3 gaming roles Troy Baker played in 2013.
  7. What was the name of the Hollywood Actor that was replaced this year by Eric Johnson?
  8. Isabelle the secretary and Kapp’n the boat Captain feature in which game?
  9. Which game character said this quote? “No I didn’t kill him. But I did kidnap his wife”
  10. Xerneas and Yveltal are two names from which game?
  11. Name 3 Zombie Survival games of 2013?
  12. Nick and Dick are two co-op characters from which game?
  13. Murfy the greenbottle helps out as an assistant in which game?
  14. Iota and Atoi feature in which game where they must deliver something of great importance?
  15. ‘Mutare Ad Custodiam’ and ‘Bellator In Machina’ are tags from which game where you fight aliens and a terrorist group?
    An extra point if you can say which tag belongs to which faction.
  16. Which game was described as “Gaming’s Citizen Kane Moment”
  17. Name 3 games featuring interactable dogs in 2013?
  18. What game features sub-characters (NPCs) Weir, Weaver and Faulke
  19. The Konami code made a return in which game this year?
    An extra point if you can say the code.
  20. This year’s WWE2K14 featured which highlighted Legendary wrestler which has their own Beat The Streak mode?
  21. Arkham Origins features various assassins that try to take down the Bat on Christmas Eve. Name 3 of them.
  22. Orchid and Glacius made a return to which game on the Xbox One?
  23. The character Alph replaces Captain Olimar for which Wii U game?
  24. Nathan Dawkins and Cole Freeman both conduct research on the Infraworld for the fictional United States Department of Paranormal Activity in which game?
  25. Survivor 2299 is related to which game rumour?
  26. Name the Indie Game which released a remixed soundtrack EP, the original tune having been co-composed by BAFTA Award winner Joris DeMann
  27. Which game are these characters from: The Monk, Adventurer, Hillbilly, Scientist, Knight, Twins and Time Traveller
  28. Which of these is not a shanty in AC4? (Lee Williams)
    A) Randy Dandy O
    B) Hi-Ho Come Roll me over
    C) Sailing for adventure
    D) Handy Me Boys
  29. In ‘Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine’, what is the name of The Pickpocket’s pet monkey?
  30. In Classic FM’s Hall of Fame only 2 video game entries hit the Top Ten but who were the composers?