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Distinctly Average S02E04 – There are No Poledancers in Titanfall

Orvillecopter quadrocopter cat
Sean gives us a run-down of his best games from 2013, which appears to include all the games he played in 2013. Debbie talks about Papers Please and you get to hear the lovely voice of Kevin Kissane, long-time writer for The Average Gamer. Colin’s been playing something called Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?


We also discuss the YouTube copyright flagging that’s been inconveniencing video creators as well as publishers this week, and the outcry over Dina Karam, newly appointed community manager for Keiji Inafune’s spiritual successor to Mega Man, Mighty No 9.

Show notes

UMvC 3 and MvC 2: On PS3 you should still be able to redownload the games from the “My Downloads” section of the store.

The quadrocopter cat: It’s called the Orvillecopter. Poor Orville was apparently hit by a car and his owner, Bart Jansen fashioned him into a quadrocopter. Here he is in full flight.

Also of note is this video of Jansen’s other cat.

“Wilburs [sic] first encounter with Orville since he has been transformed into Orvillecopter. In life they used to quarrel a lot, wilbur has been friendlier and less stressed since his brother passed away. Not sure if there’s recognition, but the scent defenitly gets him interested”

YouTube: Here’s an example of silly copyright claims on YouTube – Magnus Pålsson, chiptune musician who did the music for VVVVVV.

Apparently many of the claims are coming from INDmusic, an organisation specifically set up to seek income for indie musicians from YouTube. I should point out that Pålsson sees a benefit in working with Tunecore and INDmusic, but not in this catch-all fashion.

Nerd3: Dan Hardcastle playing Kerbal Space Program.

YouTube: Their policy on copyright strikes.

Sean’s new show: You can find him over on his new Sean’s Game Night channel on YouTube.

Might No 9: Dina Karam’s community manager announcement post and ensuing comments on Kickstarter.

Number of games bought each year: The 6 new games per year stat quoted came from this interview with Trade-In Detectives.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons: “Some film guy” is Josef Fares, interviewed here.

Papers Please: Its full price is £6.99 from Steam or $9.99 directly from the developer and redeemable on Steam. My review is here.