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Distinctly Average S02E10 – Drums In Space

Dead Space Collins
We actually recorded this last week, hence being a little out of date. Sorry! We talk about the Xbox One system update that hasn’t arrived yet, as well as the Dungeon Keeper kerfuffle. I claim that Outlast isn’t really that scary, Colin and I discuss Sniper Elite III and we find out what games you guys think are scary. Well, those of you who replied to me on Twitter.


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00:45 Xbox One System Update
07:12 The Xbox One party system
08:35 Monster Hunter
11:50 The PS4 menu bar
15:07 Sean loses his shit again for no reason
15:48 Dungeon Keeper iOS
21:40 Flappy Bird
25:40 Sniper Elite III
36:00 Drums in Space
37:30 What are your scariest games? Featuring suggestions from the listeners!
40:50 Outlast
53:40 More scary games from the listeners! Silent Hill, System Shock 2, Alone In The Dark and more.
64:35 Far Cry 4 rumours
65:29 Assassin’s Creed IV
67:28 Viva Piñata
70:10 The original Tomb Raider
71:18 Rekoil
73:37 Crazy Ivan

Show Notes

The Xbox Update scheduled for 11th February was actually delayed. It’s coming really soon though.

Our Dungeon Keeper iOS video with all the nasty comments.

The Dead Space 3 Launch Trailer

The Far Cry 4 rumours are based on a tweet that should have been a DM.

Thanks to @Antonymity, @PageVGP, @Penfolder, @DarleySam, @Markatansky, @FurlyWurly, @Comicspedia and @jon_dealspwn for telling us their scary game moments.