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Distinctly Average S02E03 – Maximum Unicorn

Kiefer Sutherland Snake Metal Gear 5 Ground Zeroes
This week’s Distinctly Average starts out on the embarrassment that was the VGX awards and moves swiftly on to the game announcements. I talk about Telltale Games a lot, Nick and Colin manage to bring every conversation back to Assassin’s Creed 4 and Sean… Sean does disturbing things to monkeys.


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Timestamps, in case you want to find a particular topic:

5:00 – No Man’s Sky
8:55 – Joe Danger
11:05 – Telltale Games (Tales from The Borderlands/The Walking Dead)
18:05 – Thief
20:45 – Dying Light
21:15 – Assassin’s Creed IV
24:17 – Beyond: Two Souls
25:44 – Nicolas Cage
27:50 – Telltale Games (The Wolf Among Us)
31:00 – Peggle 2 (sort of)
33:00 – Lego Marvel Super Heroes
41:10 – Assassin’s Creed IV
44:45 – The Last of Us/Tomb Raider
50:01 – Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes

Jeez, we talk about a lot of games.

Show Notes:

We had an unfortunate technical glitch this week where one of our microphones decided to intermittently stop recording but still broadcast the sound to everyone else. As a result, some of the conversations will jump abruptly to other topics as I desperately tried to salvage something coherent from the remains.

You can find all the pertinent trailers from the VGX awards in Monday’s post.

The Eurogamer article about No Man’s Sky.

Everyone who plays No Man’s Sky will begin the adventure on their own planet at the edge of a shared galaxy. For most people, the obvious hook will be to carve a path to the centre of the galaxy where there will be something waiting for them. Along the way, you’ll discover that this universe has rules, and you’ll have to work together with other players – other frontiersmen – to find out how the place fits together and how it all works. You’ll be building from scratch, too. When you initially load up the galaxy map, all the systems and planets are there, but nothing’s labeled. Filling in the blanks is up to you – up to everyone.

Elite is made of wires.

Elite on BBC

A gameplay clip from my stream of The Wolf Among Us. The pig with a face is at 2:15.