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Distinctly Average S02E02 – Wet Cars Do Look Nice When They Crash

The Playroom - Weefz Christmassy

In our second episode of Distinctly Average, Colin’s received his new PS4 and played an awful lot of Need for Speed: Rivals. Debbie hasn’t been drawing penises in Tearaway, nor in The Playroom and probably shouldn’t be quite so proud of this fact. Nick appreciates the graphical stylings of Killzone and we talk more about the Xbox One controller, Contrast, Dead Rising 3 and Knack. Also a flashback to the Tomb Raider camera of yore.

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Show Notes

These are more like a random collection of links than notes. Do you want better notes? What goes in show notes besides reference links? How do podcasts work?

01:50 – Peggle
02:40 – PlayStation 4
08:45 – Assassin’s Creed 4 and GTA V
10:12 – Killzone: Shadow Fall
14:28 – Need for Speed: Rivals
16:52 – Resogun
22:30 – Contrast
23:42 – Battlefield 4
24:50 – The Playroom
27:20 – Knack
31:04 – Dead Rising 3
36:05 – Steam sales
37:17 – C4, How Videogames Changed The World
41:05 – Indie Game: The Movie
42:13 – Kevin, the nice man who brings online deliveries
45:00 – PS4 Remote Play
47:50 – Xbox One Kinect voice controls
48:50 – PSN
49:52 – Super Mario 3D World
51:00 – Tearaway

The Super Mario 3D World TV ad.

The squirrel guy who apparently got banned from PSN.

That Killzone stomach cramp glitch:

A Japanese ad for Tearaway. The horror. The Horror.

To be fair, he’s not really leching. Probably. It’s just a bit weird.