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Distinctly Average S02E01! A New Generation

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With the new generation of consoles, it seems a good time to launch a new generation of our weekly news/discussion show. Distinctly Average is back, wooooo! As longtime readers will know, season 1 was a weekly video show on YouTube but since it took me all weekend to edit the thing, we’re moving to audio-only.

The new podcast will be published every Wednesday, though I’m making a special exception for the launch because I’m trying to get it on iTunes properly. You can subscribe through iTunes here (when we get that up and running), find all the episodes on the website in this handy category or get the first episode right here in this post.


Show notes!

Obviously there’s nothing more important this week than the next generation of consoles. We discuss the Xbox One’s interface and new party system and the sharing features of the PS4.

Sean tries to explain why Killer Instinct is great while Colin attempts to rationalise his monstrous Forza 5 drivatar. We also talk about the PlayStation 4 and Twitch’s lack of moderation tools for streaming, as well as FIFA 14, Assassin’s Creed, Ryse: Son of Rome and Dead Rising 3.

Also Sean’s goatee.

Sean's Goatee

It’s a new show so we love feedback! Tell us how we can improve by finding us on Twitter or leaving a comment below.

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