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You may remember that we were shortlisted again this year in the blog category for the Games Media Awards. Woo-hoo! A little birdie told me that voting is open for the judging panel, so I’ve prepared this short collection of article links.

It’s only a sample of our stuff and it’s not only for the judges, of course. I see new readers coming to the site every day. Wouldn’t want you to miss some of our finest pieces from the team this year, eh?

We provide important and insightful character analysis:

“Connor’s pockets are lined with the detritus of his animal kills as a boy; wet, uncured beaver skin, rotting deer meat, a collection of teeth and claws, a pocketful of bear fat. He has carried it around with him for years and years. He stinks. Guard dogs smell him from a street away and start barking.”

– Grant Howitt, Connor Is A Terrible Man.

We don’t shy away from complex issues:

“Birdo has succeeded in what the vast majority of transgender individuals aspire to achieve; living stealth. Nobody who sees Birdo in a game for the first time today knows that she was born male, and nobody harasses her for her past. She blends in naturally as a woman and doesn’t draw any attention to her status as transgender.

Because the vast majority of transgender people aspire to live a stealth life in their newly-acquired gender, there are very few advocates for rights or representation in the industry.”

– Laura Kate, Let’s Talk About Birdo.

We regularly champion oddball indie games:

“It’s mostly by accident that I’ve been playing two versions of the same game this week…

…I just didn’t realise what I was doing until I was flitting back and forth between game windows frantically shooting waves of enemies with what remains of my shotgun ammo, then elsewhere mopping up near-endless globs of stale, coagulated blood and throwing spent shell casings in a bin.”

– Mat Jones, Teleglitch and Viscera Cleanup Detail

We have a keen eye for those important graphical details:

“Dante’s new look in Devil May Cry may be unpopular with fans of the series, but there’s no doubt that Ninja Theory went all-out to make him sexy. All the way out, in fact, which revealed what some fans might consider a significant problem.

Dante has no penis.”

– Debbie Timmins, Dante Has No Penis.

We provide detailed analysis of board and card games:

“With a grown group of adults [Mice and Mystics is] already a flexible and charming game. Put it in the hands of children and you have an amazing experience waiting to unfold. The heavily Redwall-inspired world Plaid Hat have created is the perfect tool to capture the imagination. Room tiles like the kitchen are covered in huge utensils, giant tables and oversized cheese. The weapons you find are makeshift from bits and bobs, sewing needles and forks. Everything is put into crafting the perfect background for the story which is really where the fun is at.”

– Lewis Rayne, Friday Night Unplugged #25: Cosmic Encounter

We get the details on new games that you want to see:

“Baby laughs maniacally every time you successfully guide her over an obstacle. She’ll eventually build up the confidence to walk by herself. Give her a nudge from behind and she’ll happily toddle along, laughing to herself until she falls into a tentacle monster’s grasp. She can be quite hard to stop.”

– Debbie Timmins, Hands-on with Murasaki Baby.

We also have a stonking great games events calendar, we run our own community event called The Gaming Den and sometimes we even dabble in that newfangled video thing.

Hope you like the blog.