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Gaming Culture Talks in Birmingham and London

Game City Iain Simons

Leading up to the launch of this year’s GameCity in Nottingham, hosts James Newman and Iain Simons will be going on tour with a show called Modern Playing. Billed as “a grown-up evening of ideas, music and debate about videogames and gaming culture”, Modern Playing will be hitting Birmingham on 18th September and London on the 20th.

Each show will explore a different theme, delivered to the audience in an evening of carefully constructed provocatainment. Issues under consideration will include: Playing videogames; Not playing videogames; Anticipation; Disappointment.

Part Royal Institution Lecture and part nerd panic room, Modern Playing is about discussing ideas, starting arguments (and occasionally settling them) all against a backdrop of quizzes, surprise guests and crisps.

After the main show, developers will be able to showcase games that they’re working on. It’s a great chance to look at games as they’re being made and provide feedback for the developers. Get your Birmingham tickets from MAC Birmingham, and London tickets from BFI London Southbank.

And, of course, our calendar shows plenty more games events around the UK.