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TESO Gameplay Leaked Video

[EDIT: Ugh, video was taken down by a copyright claim. Sorry.]

TESO Leak - Character Creator
Gameplay footage from Bethesda’s upcoming MMO The Elder Scrolls Online has been leaked onto YouTube. In the video, the nefarious NDA violater goes through the facial cutomisation options for a male human Breton sorcerer – check out 0:40 where getting older means that your neck turns into wrinkled tissue paper.

Starting in Port Hundling he (let’s use “he” since it’s a male avatar) fights with a staff that shoots out some pretty cool fireballs, and we can see the detection icon that will be familiar to most Elder Scroll fans from Skyrim.

The menu interface looks much better than that of Skyrim’s (and Oblivion’s) PC version, and a rather less interesting section where he looks through all the interface and camera options. Skip ahead and you can watch him buy food from a typically-vacant shopkeeper at 5:04, browse the Daggerfall maps at 6:12.

At 7:49 there’s a fierce battle with a mudcrab. Who will win, the menacing crab or the neophyte wizard? Oh, the tension! You’ll also see him flip briefly between third-person and first-person mode.

From 9:03 you can see the skill names, a skills bar of 7 hotkeys and brief glimpse of the PvE and PvP achievement menus. Later at 10:40 is a quest just lying around on an island – literally. Obviously the menus and text are going to be quite rough at this stage, so I wouldn’t fault any presentation there.

The trappings of an Elder Scrolls world are all present. There are environmental narrative touches – bodies lying around, abandoned campfires.At 17:45 you’ll see Mr Worst YouTube enter a ruin and discover one of the books that are the staple of the series. It feels rather empty but could be promising.

Are you disappointed or excited by this video? Damn that YouTube copyright policy.


  1. Shaun

    15th Apr, 2013 at 9:32 pm

    Bethesda is working hard to not let the public see this game in action. That does not scream “confidence in their product” to me.

  2. Peter S

    16th Apr, 2013 at 7:42 am

    Perhaps we didn’t see the same thing, but the community’s consensus seems to be that this looks to be a crap game.

    “The menu interface looks much better than that of Skyrim’s (and Oblivion’s) PC version”

    To me it does not. Even compared to Oblivion’s DarNified UI, this is pretty much lame IMO.

    No, this game is trying hard to copy WoW in many ways without being WoW and bringing some TES elements indirectly into it; but somehow it doesn’t feel like either a WoW clone nor a TES game (and I think I even spotted some corpse-hunting as well when Worst YouTube died the second time around).

    Warring factions take the place of Horde/Alliance and you don’t even have a choice to be someone else in game, who doesn’t fight e.g.. So much for freedom to do as you please. I would like to be a baker doing small errands in big cities. But, oh no, it’s all about getting to level 50 to do PvP in Cyrodiil. How original…

    This would have been their chance to introduce something innovative and different, such as a new role for many players who could cooperate with PCs.

    E.g. say I wish to be an alchemist, going around with my trade, not caring about epic quests or other stuff. OK, I still getting XP for doing alchemy-related stuff (which only works for one who is an alchemist) and I could aid other PCs (for some coin of course) who could also go to NPCs to buy stuff but whose products would not be as good as mine. Now, I could live in an area, get a job under that NPC and be trained as an alchemist (they should make that REAL hard). But when players come from battle to buy things, if they see me, (I would have a title of Alchemist Apprentice e.g.), they would go up to me to negotiate a price for something. Or something like that.

    To make a TES game transition into an MMO people want something new and important: to feel they are needed by other humans. Not to be the next Nerevarine; that’s fine in a solo game but here we need interaction. And what I see is mindless wondering around with others passing through you like a ghost (a la Arena/Daggerfall, something fixed since Morrowind).

    And so I would have a purpose in the game. Be a peasant. Or a beggar (no Thieves’ Guild yet). Or a baker. Or a thief who would steal small amounts from players/NPCs randomly and so forth. Anyway, something TES-like yet adjusted to an MMO — different in its purpose not in its restrictions.

    Perhaps this game could have picked up where Ultima Online failed. Who knows. But as it stands…no.

    As for the graphics, as a gamer reported on a popular gaming site “they are dated for 2005”.

    The music though is good and so is the speech (Worst YouTube seemed to want to bypass all speech on purpse). But that WoW-style tag of the form NAME was horrible to look at (I truly abhor those less/greater signs and one reason I cannot stand WoW).

    Yes, it’s trying to look like Oblivion does when it starts, but the feel just isn’t the same. You won’t be immersed in a world of creatures and people who will not be called ‘xxxDragonzRulezxxx’ dressed exactly like you, ignoring you, or trying to set you on fire, frustrated you’re not in PvP yet. But if a good naming policy is adopted, and I knew I could be someome unique in game of use to others (not just in combat but in this entire world there should be tons of professions) then it’d be something.

    Give me heavily modded Morrowind multiplayer with 2 or 3 friends to play and I choose it over this any time of the day. Game immersion and roleplaying are fundamental to this game. When you solo you sort of RP implicitly. Here, you want to have RP become a part of the life around you. Even if you do not actually RP, you will want to care for your character to be someone who does important things WITH OTHERS BEYOND PvE and PvP. My alchemist above could go and use his skills in battle to find special gems, potions and ingredients. His friends could help out in exchange for him making them some very nice potions. All this could easily become part of the official game. But not the way it started. Heck, you can’t even SIT on chairs in the game. (I guess the millions of immersion mods from past TES games ust went right through these guys.)

    I applaud their efforts, but this game is unacceptable as a TES game and unaccaptable as a paying MMO for 2013 period. (Yes, they are hoping to get people to get a paying subscription for this).

    • Debbie Timmins (Weefz)

      16th Apr, 2013 at 12:31 pm

      Hey Peter,

      I actually agree with you on most of this. It looks very much like they’re building WoW in the TESO universe and that just sounds incredibly dull. I said it was promising above because there’s obviously still a market for that kind of game but I’d be very surprised if it reaches the critical mass that Bethesda want. And yeah, anyone suggesting their company create a subscription-based MMO in this day and age should be taken out back and shot.

      As you say, I’d much rather have something like Skyrim for small adventuring parties. Hell, Baldur’s Gate 2 was doing it back in 2000. We all have broadband now, why is no one catering to this market?