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Castle of Illusion Remake Confirmed

Castle of Illusion - Forest
That Disney game teased by Sega America last week? It’s now been confirmed as Castle of Illusions. Totally called it, I am a genius.

Or, y’know, able to read and Google things like a list of Disney video games released in 1990. Anyway, here’s the full trailer, which doesn’t reveal a whole lot more than we already saw.

It’ll be a complete “reimagining” of the game. That means new graphics (I would hope) and new gameplay. You’ll still be playing as Mickey saving Minnie Mouse from Mizrabel, the evil witch seen in the trailer. We know she’s evil because she has a pointy face. Never trust a pointy Disney face.

Sega Studios Australia are the developers, formerly knows as The Creative Assembly Australia. They made The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games. Did anyone buy that? Also Medieval II: Total War and Medieval II: Total War – Kingdoms

The game will be coming to both PSN and XBLA later this year.


Castle of Illusion - More Toybox Castle of Illusion - Spiders Castle of Illusion - Toybox Castle of Illusion - Doors

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  1. Kevin Scully

    16th Apr, 2013 at 4:51 pm

    This is incredible news, I hope the new gameplay doesn’t deviate too far from the original, as it was pretty close to perfection.

    Dang, along with the re-vamped Duck Tales and Flashback due later in the year, it’s a prime time for 16-bit platformer fans. Fingers crossed for an Aladdin remake.

    Pretty brutal to think that all these games are hitting (at least) 20th anniversaries now, doesn’t seem that long ago.